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Life is complicated! It is often full of stressors that feel like a roadblock. Wouldn’t it be so easy if you knew the one thing that you could do to change the way you feel when you’re worried and beaten down? Well, here are not one but five simple ways to take immediate control of your life and to simplify it. When you feel tensed and helpless, these simple ways can help you get a perspective to transform your life.

1. Take Responsibility

The only actions that you can truly control are your own. Take responsibility for things in your…

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This story will take you through my journey when I was briefly addicted to Instagram and the events that led me to quit.

My name is Ulka and I am addicted to Instagram!

It all began with the birth of the internet. To tell you a bit about myself, I am a Gen Y also known as the millennial. Gone are the days when age was how you were known! I was a teenager when social media was born. Those were the glorious days of using a Yahoo messenger, which quickly became obsolete when Orkut was born. Then there was…

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In light of current events, suicide rates have risen during the lockdown. People are feeling overwhelmed with current situations, the negativity involved, and the idea of this never-ending ever-increasing pandemic. But things will get better. Just as there is night, there will be a day. There will be a cure; we will have jobs again; we will be able to get along with our friends and share a laugh and tear once again. …

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Happiness is a feeling! We have all heard this, but is it just a statement, or does it have a meaning? We may even wonder if it is just another feel-good feeling to help us go through life.

We often hear that happiness is love; happiness is friendship; happiness is singing; happiness is dancing; happiness is a warm cup of coffee and even dancing in the rain. To go a step further, ‘Happiness Is’ is also a Canadian brand inspiring people to celebrate their happy moments. To sum up these moments, happiness is everything you want it to be.


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How do we seek normalcy in the time of a pandemic? How can we be hopeful that this will be all over soon?

Seeking normalcy in the time of a pandemic, isn’t this what we all are doing? Let’s hope and pray that this will be all over soon. When our world is grappled with the coronavirus (COVID-19), how can we stay rational and not feel panicked?

Let’s get first things first. We are forced indoors for our safety and the safety of the society that we live. …

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Sometimes, you don’t like the turn you’re currently at. You may want to go back. You may even want to fast-forward your life to a time when things are starting to look up again and you have better control over them. But, rewinding and fast-forwarding your life is simply impossible (unless you’re a time traveler). Today seems like a never-ending dream, and tomorrow feels like a distant one. You, my friend, are having a bad day!

Looking back at the memories make you smile and remember the good old days. Sometimes, it even makes you cry. Often, you wonder, how…

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Relationships are hard; I will agree to this statement more than anyone else. It has been tough to find that one person who would have the same tuning as us, let alone find that one person who would want to spend his entire life with us (if not the entire life, at least a significant portion of his life).

I have been in a few relationships of my own, but I have faced my own struggle in keeping a man in my life. So, does that make me a mess or a loser? Mess? Maybe a bit, yes, but who…

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Friends are for life. We’ll all agree with this, but we always have a special bond with our friends which distinguishes them from the rest. We all have a unique kind of friend whose friendship is special for a very special reason. However, we can always observe a pattern among them. In any given set of closest friends, we always have these unique friendships. We love our friends for various different reasons and their unique traits are something that make them special to us.

The Agree to Disagree Guy

We always have that one friend with whom we agree to disagree. You may not agree…

TV geek or no TV geek, this article is gratitude to some of my favorite TV shows of all time and the life lessons I have learned from them. It is also a dedication to all the fans of TV shows.

Let’s just start by saying that I’m not a huge TV geek. You wouldn’t find me glued to the TV at any point of the day; neither do I promote TV shows in any way.

Yet here I am binging Friends for the umpteenth time in my life. I will not lie though; I have believed at times that…

Ulka M.

The girl who believes in life, love, goals, and never giving up. A free-spirited writer with a positive outlook on life and emotions.

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